This website is run by one bloke who really enjoys investing in the stock market. I have a particular interest in the building materials, infrastructure, property, agriculture, food and mining industries, although I do venture into other areas from time to time. You can subscribe by entering your email into the relevant section on the right hand side of any articles.

My preference is to invest in Australian domiciled ASX-listed companies due to the superior tax treatment, CHESS-sponsored ownership structure, cheap brokerage and minimal currency conversion issues I face under the Australian tax system. Despite this I do analyse companies from around the world which are in my circle of competence and I may delve into the real estate market every now and then. The only other limit to my investment universe is if I face any conflicts of interest from my day job – if this is the case I will not invest. Other than that, I will invest in any equity around the world provided the risk/reward trade-off is favourable.

I tend to follow a ‘value investing’ investment framework. This means that I try to find companies which are trading below what they are intrinsically worth. I have a preference for companies which pay consistent dividends. Articles will be published haphazardly – this is a consequence of my preference to write in-depth articles on individual companies /industries which can be a lengthy process.

This website is just a hobby. My day job is in the mining industry and I have degrees in finance and law from an Australian university. I intend to keep this website anonymous for the time being.

As always, nothing on this website is investment or financial advice and you must speak to an appropriately qualified professional in your jurisdiction before making any investment or financial decision. Please read my terms of use and disclaimer.  I may have a financial interest in some companies and/or investment products discussed on this website.