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Profiting from Death: Global Funeral Industry Overview and Analysis

There is only one thing certain in life: death (and taxes but that’s not the point of this article). With baby boomers projected to...

Aquaculture Stocks on the ASX: An In-Depth Guide

  There are just eight aquaculture companies listed on the ASX. This article will give you an overview of all eight of these companies. If...

Buying International Shares for Australians: An In-Depth Guide

This article covers the best stock brokers for international share trading, tax and fee considerations and the pros and cons of investing internationally. The age...

[Infographic] The Countries That Own The Dairy Brands Sold In Australia

There are just a handful of countries that own most of the dairy product brands in Australia: Japan, France, Italy, Canada and Australia. Other...

Coal Stocks on the ASX: An In-Depth Guide Part 1

Part 1: Pure-Play Coal Miners There are 32 ASX listed pure-play coal companies with 14 diversified miners who also mine or explore for coal. This...

Haw Par Corporation: A Singaporean Berkshire Hathaway – Stock Analysis

Disclaimer: This article does not recommend to buy, hold or sell Haw Par Corporation. You must seek appropriate financial advice before acting on any...

Can Brickworks Succeed in the North American Brick Market?

In April 2019 I wrote an article analysing Brickworks foray into the North American brick industry when they purchased Glen-Gery. I have since done...

Brickworks Limited: In-Depth Stock Analysis

Disclaimer: This article does not recommend (explicitly or implicitly) to buy, hold or sell any security. This is general information only. I do not...

LIC Review: Diversified United Investment Company (ASX: DUI)

This article is part of the LIC Review series which covers all the conservatively managed Listed Investment Companies (LICs) on the ASX. Other LICs...

An Introduction to Australian Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

Listed Investment Companies, or LICs, are companies whose business is to invest. Unlike Woolworths, NAB or BHP who each operate supermarkets, banks or mines...