The following is a list of all coal mining companies in Australia.  The first list consists of companies who currently operate at least one coal mine in Australia. The second list consists of coal mining companies who are not currently operating any coal mines in Australia but are either exploring for coal resources or in the process of developing a future coal mine. Please note that almost all of the companies who operate at least one coal mine also conduct exploration activities.

This list does not distinguish between thermal or metallurgical (coking/steel making) coal miners, between mine type (open cut/underground) or between brown (lignite) or black coal miners. For example, BHP almost exclusively mines metallurgical coal whereas Glencore primarily mines thermal coal.

I hope this is useful for anyone wanting to work in the industry or anyone who is conducting market research on the Australian coal industry. Please feel free to suggest additions of other coal miners and explorers to this list if I missed any. If you wish to invest in ASX listed coal companies, see this article. You can also read my in-depth guide to investing in coal miners here.

The top five largest coal miners in Australia are BHP, Glencore, Yancoal, Anglo American, Peabody Energy and Whitehaven Coal. The vast majority of thermal and metallurgical coal produced in Australia is exported to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, China and South East Asia.

Australian coal is generally of very high quality and is therefore highly valued by customers throughout the world, especially Asia. Australian thermal coal, used primarily in electricity generation and in the production of cement, has low ash and sulphur and high heating values compared to coal available in other countries. The low ash content and high heating value reduces the carbon emissions associated with thermal coal combustion. Australian metallurgical coal is also well regarded for its high quality by leading steel mills throughout Asia. This steel is used to manufacture concrete reinforcing, wind turbines, solar panels, cars, whitegoods, roofing, beams and many other materials necessary for modern civilisation.

Companies currently operating at least one Australian coal mine:

  • Adani
  • AGL Energy (brown coal)
  • Anglo American Australia
  • Banpu Coal
  • Baralaba Coal Company Pty Ltd
  • BHP Group (including BMA and BMC)
  • Bloomfield Group
  • Bounty Mining
  • China Kingho Energy
  • Coronado Global Resources Limited
  • CS Energy
  • EnergyAustralia (brown coal)
  • Glencore Operations Australia
  • Idemitsu Australia Resources
  • InterGen
  • Jellinbah Group Pty Ltd
  • MachEnergy
  • New Hope Corporation Limited
  • Peabody Energy Australia
  • QCoal
  • Realm Resources
  • Sojitz
  • South32
  • Stanmore Coal
  • Stanwell
  • TerraCom Limited
  • U&D Coal Limited
  • Vale
  • Whitehaven Coal Limited
  • Yancoal Australia Limited
  • Yanzhou Coal

Companies exploring or developing a coal mine in Australia:

  • Acacia Coal Limited
  • Aquila Resources Pty Ltd (Baosteel Resources is parent company)
  • AustChina Limited
  • Australian Pacific Coal Limited
  • Bengal Coal
  • Bowen Coal Limited
  • East Energy Resources Limited
  • GVK Hancock
  • Kaili Resources Limited
  • KEPCO Bylong Australia
  • Laneway Resources Limited
  • Lustrum Minerals
  • Macmines Austasia Pty Ltd (Meijin Energy Group is parent company)
  • Malabar Coal Limited
  • Metro Mining Limited
  • Moreton Resources Limited
  • Nucoal Resources Limited
  • Pembroke Resources
  • REY Resources Limited
  • RMA Energy Limited
  • Shenhua Watermark
  • Vitrinite Pty Ltd
  • Waratah Coal
  • White Energy Company Limited

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